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More and more, millions of youth, as well as experienced people around the world, decide to become self-employed, but only less than twenty percent succeed.
On a global level, the risk of startup failure is enormous and reaches 70% in some countries.
Entrepreneurs have to make a lot of critical decisions especially in areas that are new to them. Finance is usually the biggest paradox. FinanceClinics has developed solutions designed clearly to increase financial literacy among entrepreneurs from financial education on major statements to financial analysis and decision making.

We offer tailored solutions for every startup, based on the specific project needs. From education to capital raising we lead the entrepreneur way in much care and detail.

Most business people are dependents on their financial experts and chief accountants to lead them the way especially in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). There is a clear need to have a financial information system in the hands of the managers and owners-managers that strictly put critical information easily available for decision makers. Additionally, decision-makers are now obliged to have financial knowledge that exceeds their employees-experts ability to analyze. FinanceClinics offer top management a soft way into financial expertise and gives them the needed vision to complete their personal quality cycle in leading their institutions through the financial decision making excellence.

most people believe that Economics is a sort of Aspirin pill that we have to sallow while attempting our bachelor degree. Let’s agree that Economics is not an easy subject and has little popularity among business people. But let us know that economics is made for business, not for a headache. FinanceClinics offer complete economic analysis service packages to suit companies’ needs. Basic benefits go around the effect of the macroeconomic situation of business operations including taxes, interest rates, national income, political risk and so forth. On the microeconomic level, we suggest solid pricing alternatives for products to maximize profit in addition to accurate estimation of demand, based on historical and national data variables.

When you reach the job market you discover the greatest mistake your university or college did: they didn’t teach you Personal Finance! Personal finance starts from the regular consumption budgeting to wealth management and there is no doubt that this is a must in the nowadays complicated and stressful world. Our needs are unlimited and our money is very limited unless we know how to grow it like a tree.
FinanceClinics offer people from college students to retirees the potential to master their own finances
and to grow their money peacefully.

whether you need it for your education or your business or even for your own desire, FinanceClinics offers a team of well educated-well educators to teach you any course in finance or economics in a set short period of time.

You definitely need a business plan! A business without a plan is like a car driven by a blind. Some of us believe that having a feasibility study or a three-year projection of a profit/loss statement is enough. Nobody is willing to finance your business either through loans or partnership without a solid business plan. FinanceClinics helps in building your business plan by understanding your
mission, vision, market and needed financing.

we offer a full range of OneOnOne or group training in all Fields of finance and Economics

MOOC represents the future of education. Thousands of courses are available for you just a click away.

Many professionals are willing to join MOOC courses but choosing the right MOOC course is an art by itself.

We offer the right advise and study monitoring in addition to the suggested course sequence.

MOOC for finance is huge, come to us for a tailored choice to meet your exact needs.